Psychodrama: Trust



Description: Trust is a complicated and delicate subject. So it helps to identify/acknowledge where you are in the trusting process before any change can be made. This psychodrama exercise does just that.

Materials: A large empty room, and four chairs.

DirectionsWarm up: In psychodrama its very important to do warm ups to get the spontaneity flowing. One warm up you can do is called “movement and a sound”. Have the group stand in a circle, one person starts with making up a movement (eg. wiggling arms) and accompanies the movement with a sound (eg. barking like a dog) as son as the person is done the rest of the group repeats that movement and sound in unison. Then quickly move on to the next person and have the group repeat their movement and sound and so on. * Some people will stand there over-thinking the exercise so try to encourage the group to be spontaneous and just go with…

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Penulis: retmono

.....Psikolog yang menyenangi Drama/Teater, Psikodrama ...demi kehidupan yang lebih baik,.....mari belajar, dan saling berbagi.....

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