Manfaat Musik Bagi Kesehatan Mental

Ketika aku menulis refleksi tentang hidupku, atau menulis tugas yang perlu ditulis, aku sering sambil mendengarkan musik. Banyak pilihan musik di YouTube, untuk menulis dan membantu konsentrasi atau pun untuk healing. Di sini aku mengutip komentar yang menarik di salah satu channel YouTube, Bach – Classical Music for Relaxation. Batapa musik dapat membantu dalam konsentrasi dan memberikan ketenangan jiwa.

Many years ago, as a young teacher in London, I was at a loss at how to keep a difficult class quiet and on task. I had read somewhere about the calming effects of baroque music. It worked perfectly. After that, I played it regularly. On one occasion, I set a task forgetting to turn it on. A hand went up. “Sir, the music.” ~ Kang Hero

Ditanggapi oleh GG~ Love that story -Music can be a good partner for all. It works to calm the beast in everyone. Well almost

That’s great and the student requesting it as well. I played classical music for all my four children especially when they would be napping. tambah  ~ Vaquera Soto

Ada juga yang komentar dalam bahasa Portugis A música clássica repara a minha alma!  ~ Neiva Mello

Musik ini juga dapat untuk melewati kedukaan seperti percakapan di kolom komentarnya ini.

I walked to the cemetery today with this playlist to see my brother and dad – it covered such a range of emotion and was totally suited for the day. Thank you ~ lisd168

My condolences to you¡ wish your grief vanish with time and your memory with them deep in your heart ~ Tricia Tu

 @Tricia Tu  thank you for your kind words, grief is truly a personal experience that is different for all of us and the kindness of others can be very comforting ~ lisd168

Musik ini juga dapat membantu dalam mengelola stress dan healing seperti yang diungkapkan Hana.~ I love classical music, truly suiting when you’re stress… This playlist makes me feel like I’m a noble lady in the victorian age taking an evening stroll in the garden

dan pascal leroi dari perancis ~ Bonjour a toutes et a tous! Merci beaucoup pour cette magnifique compilation de Mr Bach- Classical Music for Relaxation! Pour moi en effet cela m’apporte beaucoup de détente et de sérénité avec moi même! C’est un vrai plaisir d’écouter de la grande musique! Prenez bien soin de vous. A bientôt!

didukung juga oleh Anna Suprun ~ It is healing song. I would not call it relaxing music. This music makes you think,feel and live,no matter what. In any case Bach will be forever the best musican who could so deeply touch the soul of person of any nationality ,age or social status. Such music can deliver you at another level of understanding of reality. Peace and love to all. Hugss. Dilanjutkan dengan komentar lain. Bach is hands down my favourite composer. He is my happy place. To wake up to or go to sleep to or if I need to take a few minutes during the day, Bach is it. I listen and for a while the world is a better place. ~ TheNzfroggy serta dari Portugis lagi Sublime, apaziguador de todas emoções, ligação perfeita a toda a natureza! Em amor. Gratidão ~ Gui Josan.

Terakhir aku ingin menunjukkan bahwa musik ini dapat berpengaruh terhadap latar belakang budaya yang berbeda seperti ditunjukkan dalam percakapan komentar berikut

Fabulous to hear classical music again, sounds I grew up with. It’s interesting that so many of the comments are not in English. How I wish that here in the USA the music scene and tastes would switch over to music like this which actually nurtures the soul. Love your station. Thank you. ~ YRB 

Jordi Puente de Palma ~ You say “so many of the comments are not in English”. Nothing surprising on it, I think. Forget the chinese and the english and count how many speaker sum the ten most spoken languages in Occident. And do not forget that some of the commenters perhaps have not english as family language. The world of the musical culture is much more extens than the english speaking area. Absolutely agree with the rest of your comment. ditanggapi oleh Michael Christensen ~ That we are here, despite our language differences, speaks to how we as humans are more alike, than not. When we unite in the human condition, we will rise together, like our hearts from this beautiful music. Thank you Johann Sebastian Bach, hundreds of years later, still helping us to see. 

Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.” “I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.” “The final aim and reason of all music is nothing other than the glorification of God and the refreshment of the spirit.”
Mengapa aku menyimpan tulisan ini di sini karena musik juga dapat dikolaborasikan untuk mendukung praktik psikodrama. Bahkan  aku berani mengatakan berdasarkan quote yang Bach di atas bahwa musik selaras dengan psikodrama.
Mari kita bermusik dalam psikodrama dan berpsikodrama dalam musik.
Yogyakarta, 13 Juni 2022
Retmono Adi

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